Clear Quartz Seer Stone

Clear Quartz Seer Stone
A great stone that is so clear you can see right through it 43 mm long sample photo

Seer Stones ~ Ema Eggs: also known as Scrying Stones, Window Quartz, and Dreamer's Crystal; these stones are said to be natural river tumbled stones from the Ema River in southern Brazil; they are most often found in the different varities of Quartz; they have a frosted appearance externally and a manmade cut and polished viewing area, or window, on the top; they are said to be excellent tools for meditation and scrying purposes; they are said to help provide access to the ancient sacred texts, or Akashic Records; they are said to help one recall past lives; they are said to assist one in connecting with Mother Earth and other dimensions; they are also said to help dispel negativity; the properties of Quartz and the individual varieties of Quartz also apply;
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