Hearts, Spheres Towers & Pyramids




    A nice soft pink rose quartz this great piece stands 75 mm high and 35 mm across the base sample photo

    Rose Quartz: in addition to the properties of Quartz in general, it is said to aid the kidneys and circulatory system; increases fertility; eases sexual/emotional imbalances; helps clear stored anger, resentment, guilt, fear, and jealousy; reduces tension and stress; cools a hot temper; enhances self-confidence and creativity; aids with the development of forgiveness, compassion, and love; attracts love; it is known as the "Love Stone"
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    NZ$ 21.00
  • Selenite Spiral Tower
    This stunning cut and polished tower is over 105 mm high. Sample photo
    NZ$ 17.90
  • Selenite Mountian
    These stunning selenite mountains are around 95 mm high sample photo
    NZ$ 14.00
    This 42 mm puffy heart is cut from nice quartz and has inclusions that look to be book mica

    Quartz (Clear): it is said to enhance the crystalline properties of the blood, body, and mind; activates and enhances the pineal and pituitary glands; an emotional balancer; stimulates brain functions; amplifies thought forms; its full spectrum energy activates all levels of consciousness; dispels negativity in ones energy field and environment; receives, stores, activates, transmits, and amplifies energy; a powerful healer; excellent for meditation; it is more powerful if it is double terminated; enhances interdimensional communication and communication with the Higher Self and Spirit Guides; when included with other minerals, they combine their powers; it may be included with several other minerals
    NZ$ 17.50
    A nice light coloured sphere 26 mm across with a great polish sample photo

    Amethyst: (Quartz) it is said to strengthen the endocrine and immune systems; enhances right brain activity and pineal and pituitary glands; powerful blood cleanser and energizer; helps mental disorders; purification and regeneration on all levels of consciousness; transmutes ones lower nature into the more highly defined aspects of their higher potentials; cuts through illusion; enhances psychic abilities; good for meditation; aids channeling abilities; has calming, strong protective qualities; aids with healing, divine love, inspiration, and intuition; an excellent tool for ridding one of addictive behaviors
    NZ$ 27.50
  • Chakra Pyramid
    This stunning pyramid is 43 mm Sq and 43 mm high
    NZ$ 40.00
  • Pink/Brown Aventurine Heart
    A great colour mix on this heart 62 mm across

    Aventurine can be used to induce psychic dreams, to help bring answers to light or to see into the future. It also increases clairvoyance. It is an excellent source of the Earth's energy. For divination, it's suggested that you hold Aventurine in your opposite hand. It is wonderful gift to give to anyone who is in tune with nature.
    NZ$ 35.00
    NZ$ 29.00

    All of the properties of Fluorite, plus: Purple Fluorite helps you with Third Eye vision and accessing psychic information in the correct way. When working with your psychic abilities, it helps you to be more accurate, improves your interpretations and generally helps connect you to valid sources of information. Imagine putting an old fashioned antenna on your head and getting awesome reception – it’s a lot like that.
    NZ$ 21.50
    NZ$ 17.50
    A stunning hand carved egg from a celestite geode. This one stands 74 mm high

    Celestite has a gentle, calming and uplifting energy, bringing harmonious balance and alignment into your life, revealing the truth and helping to resolve conflict. It promotes purity of heart and attracts good fortune Celestite is an ideal crystal to place in your bedroom or healing room as an environment cleanser and source of soft positive energy. It helps you to access the angelic realm as well as urging you towards spiritual development and enlightenment.
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